3SCare Medical Services LLP, registered in Bangalore, Karnataka operates Medorism™ and associated services. We are budding entrepreneurs in the field of “CONTACT” for organizing Medical Services. This idea was generated when we personally observed people from different parts of country and abroad comes here to get lost and forced to arrange all alone by themselves. No idea how much cost and time will be required for treatment, where to stay, which doctors, how to commute, any other barriers etc., which sometimes create more burden to patient and family than the actual disease itself. We want to bridge that gap so that planning and consultation starts right from patient's home and all arrangments, appointments, bookings are complete before the patient arrives for outstation treatment, with clear mind and peace. We will not only be a marketplace or healthcare consultants but also an ecosystem to deliver all associated services under one roof, integrated to give maximum benefit wrto time, cost and peace of mind to patient.



Our Mission

We serve the communities to improve the reach of healthcare and overall health of the people, by providing superior quality, comprehensive range, convenient, timely and cost effective healthcare services which patient recommends to family and friends and doctor refers for their patients.

Our Vision

To transform the healthcare experience of mass through a culture of extraordinary care, cost effective service with highest quality, innovation and excellence, thus be the healthcare service provider of choice nationally and internationally for patients, doctors and employees.

Our Values

We at Medorism™, are socially responsible people and believe in below principles and strive for those always.

  • Excellence: "Do the Best"
    We perform at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve.
  • Integrity: "Do the Right"
    We are honest, ethical and committed, and we do the right thing for those we serve.
  • Teamwork: "Do it Together"
    Together we can do great things for people in need with one goal - to be the one great Healthcare ecosystem, always!
  • Accountability:  "Do it with Responsibility"
    We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and healthcare service we provide.
  • Respect:  "Do it with Empathy"
    We have highest degree of respect for those we serve and for those with whom we work. 
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